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Cougar Patent Law provides many types of services, advice, and support in patent and related law areas. What sets us apart is our approach to and philosophy of working with a client – We focus on integrating patent and policy strategies to support and enhance the business purposes of our clients. To achieve this goal, we become familiar with our clients' business goals, business plan and development stage, then together with the client, we prioritize action items and agree on form of work product to fit needs and budget. As projects progress, client feedback is sought. An advantage of being a small firm, we respond promptly to communications and keep you informed of interim progress and results on projects. It is a partnership style of work.

We are available to work with you on a continuing basis or for one-off projects. For each project and decision point, we ensure that options are presented to you along with their advantages and disadvantages for your business strategy, in order that you are able to make an informed decision. Most projects are performed on a quoted fee or fixed fee basis, allowing for better budgeting, eliminating unexpected charges. With a quote, we provide a detailed description of project scope and deliverables, based on discussions with you, helping to ensure that you obtain pertinent and valuable results.

In particular, you may desire support in one or more of the following areas of our experience:

Client counseling is usually the most important activity. Counseling encompasses providing general advice on patent strategy, raising awareness of the issues faced, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of alternative approaches, educating on patent procedures, and ensuring that the client has the information necessary to make informed decisions.

Technical areas of practice

We are comfortable working in any area of biotechnology. The scientific career of Carol Nottenburg, PhD - principal of Cougar Patent Law - has spanned several health-related areas (see c.v. and biography). Agricultural biotechnology is another area in which we have extensive experience. The technologies of clients cover a wide breadth of biology, including medical devices, genomics, diagnostic assays, vaccines, stem cells, plant biotechnology, to chemistry and the occasional widget.

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