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December 2009: Commentary written for Harvest Choice on the controversy surrounding the Warted Pumpkin Patent Application. The publication of the U.S. patent application “Warted Pumpkin” sparked an outcry of anger and protest from ETC Group and seed organizations–these groups asserted that warted pumpkins have been known and grown for centuries and thus are not patentable subject matter.  A copy of the commentary is posted in our articles section.

August 2009: Commentary written for Harvest Choice on ETC Group's Communiqué No. 99 on Climate Genes. A copy of the commentary is posted in our articles section.

July 2009: Enola Bean Patent Contraversity : Facts and Analysis paper written for Harvet Choice posted in articles section. The paper was widely distributed to Hal Wegner's "The List" along with the recent decision of the Federal Circuit Appeals Court. A pdf of Hal's comments and the attachments can be accessed here.

August 2008: HarvestChoice web site launched. HarvestChoice is a Gates Foundation-supported initiative that generates "knowledge products to help guide strategic investments to imporve the wellbeing of poor people in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia through more productive and profitable farming." Carol and Chris are curators of the Technology area. A commentary written by Carol about climate-ready genes is posted on the site.

February 2008:  Published - "Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of plants: A lawyer's perspective." by Carol Nottenburg and Carolina Roa-Rodriguez, Chapter 20 in Agrobacterium: From Biology to Biotechnology. T. Tzfira, V. Citovsky eds. Springer Publishers. To purchase a copy of the book visit this link to the publisher's site. A PDF copy of Chapter 20 can be accessed here.

January 2008:  Met with Dr Richard B Jones, Assistant Director ICRISAT, Nairobi Kenya, and team members of ESASA (Eastern and Southern Africa Seed Alliances) to discuss policy and intellectual property-related issues about fostering seed industry in Africa.

October 2007:  Carol Nottenburg invited to be lead on a working paper on patent issues related to H5N1 (influenza virus) for WIPO at the request of the World Health Organization. The working paper is being prepared by a team assembled by PIIPA (Public Interest Intellectual Property Advisors), an international, non-profit organization that makes IP counsel available on a pro bono basis for developing countries and public interest organizations. For more information, visit WIPO's Intellectual Property and Public Health web page.

18 June 2007:  Published - "How to read a biotech patent" by Carol Nottenburg in Intellectual Property Management in Health and Agricultural Innovation: a handbook of best practices. This handbook is a joint publication by MIHR (Centre for the Management of Intellectual Property in Health R&D) and PIPRA (Public Intellectual Property Resource for Agriculture). For more information about the handbook, including how to purchase one, visit IP Management Handbook Info. A PDF copy of Dr Nottenburg's article can be accessed here.

21 May 2007:  "From science to patents -- with a side trip under" is the title of a talk Dr Carol Nottenburg gave at Institute for Systmes Biology in Seattle, WA. The talk was part of a series highlighting women scientists who take risks.

4-5 April 2007:  Dr Carol Nottenburg is participating in a Roundtable organized under the sponsorship of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) titled "Genes, Seeds, Plots, Models and the Poor." This invite-only event is jointly convened by IFPRI and the University of Minnesota and is being held at the University of Minnesota. It will critically examine the scope for transforming the information systems that underpin the generation and delivery of improved crop varieties of most relevance to poor farmers and consumers.

Aug 2006:  Dr Carol Nottenburg was an invited speaker at The International Association of Agricultural Economists (IAAE) Conference 2006 held on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.  
PowerPoint slides of her talks, Freedom to operate issues for startups and Restraints on anti-commons: is it enough?

25 October 2006:  Dr Carol Nottenburg to speak on Freedom to operate and start-up biotech companies at the the meeting of the Vancouver chapter of Licensing Executive Society (LES). 

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